Becky Morris Knight

I am an artist working with words and photography, based in London. My work is inspired by my commitment to equality, freedom and fun. It explores power, urban environments and complexity as a feature of everyday city life. I’m fascinated by the impact of digital technologies on cities and society and this theme appears regularly in my work

My practice is conceptually and intuitively driven, responding to the world around me and to the people I work with. I like to put an emphasis on fun and being ‘in the moment’ as an antidote to our disconnected, professionalised contemporary lives.

I gained an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths College, London as part of the Centre for Urban and Community Research. The course is an exploration of the creative interplay between urban theory and the visual representation of urban cultures and places. 

I am part of WorkHorse Collective, publishers of WerkHaus Zine.