Deliverwho : Threshold Anxiety

Delivery man 1Delivery man 2Delivery man 3Delivery man 4Delivery man 5Delivery man 6Delivery man 7Delivery man 8Delivery man 9Delivery man 10Delivery man 11Delivery man 12


This project looks at the shift in work and shopping in modern cities, alienation in contemporary urban life, the social life of objects and the relationship between artist, subject and audience. It comprises a series of portraits of delivery people working in the modern service economy, delivering items to a freelance homeworker. It is a portrayal of the modern workplace.

The portraits are decontextualized by the repeating background and framing, then are alternatively contextualised by the text. This creates a dual portrait, and problematises the relationship between artist, subject and audience. Destabilising the traditional caption highlights and protects the subject’s anonymity and introduces another, hidden,
subject – the photographer. The text points to the broader societal issue role of the shopper in creating the changes on the high street, and at the same time paints a personal picture of the author of the images through their ‘stuff’.

This photo essay is accompanied by a short story inhabiting the mind of the freelancer waiting in for their deliveries, gradually becoming less and less able to face the outside world.